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Potato Chips CO.

Oprah's Favorite Things!

“To help revitalize the Hope District of Detroit, Michael Wimberley repurposed vacant lots into community gardens to grow potatoes locally, creating job opportunities and a terrific chip that actually tastes like a sliced potato. I’ll snack to that!” — Oprah

One bite is never enough

Once upon a time the Hope District bustled with work that created wealth, dignity, and optimism. Residents and workers were warned that these economic boom times were threatened by global competition and complacency but they did not take heed. Because of that, things began to decline. Consequently, residents and workers lost wealth, dignity, and optimism. Until one day our community came together and created Detroit  Friends Potato Chips food product as a way to add new purpose to vacant lots inside of the Hope District which in turn created opportunities for new employment that has created wealth, work, and helped to regain our dignity.

Some of the potatoes for these were born on a vacant lot in Detroit’s Hope District. They were nursed is our soup

kitchen for mentally and physically challenged. They are made by community activists in an effort  to bring work,hope and dignity to our vulnerable community. Some proceeds go to maintain the soup Kitchen and to create other financially sustainable grassroots projects.

Michael Wimberley

The Best In Chips

The chips that saved Detroit 

Motown Crunch



Some like it hot.  This our Hottest chip. One fan of these chips had the following to say: Your Chips are life changing, she said.  She then ordered the 3.5 pound canister of chips.

onion & celery

A hint of onion and celery combine to make a flavor few could imagine. A foodie favorite.


This flavor is Oprah’s Favorite. Smoke flavor lightly accents the chip. The spices keep giving even after the potato is gone. Delightful.


A favorite of the passionate.  Ginger, Cayenne, a vegetable dusting and vanilla make this a very special chip.  The spice combination makes your tongue want more.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Legend has it that the Army of Alexander the Great found the salt deposits of what is now known as Himalayan Sea Salt. This salt  adds a more understated flavor to our Motown crunch.

Voo Doo

You may be tempted to let the smooth taste fool you. But don’t the after burn spice makes this chip fun. The packaging and label is just as much fun as eating the chip. Caution: A spell may be casted on your taste buds.

Lemon Pepper

A tinge of tangy flavor that is mixed with an assortment of spices that pleasantly surprises your mouth longer than expected.

Sea Salt

Our very first chip we ever made.  A versatile flavor of salt that allow the pure potato flavor to be experienced.


Is cinnamon, cayenne combined to make a sweet and Spicy chip. The best gift is always love, to yourself or someone else


Hot chips that combine a little salt and Chipotle.  A pleasing experience for people who like their heat simple