We had to spend many days and nights complying with requests from the staff at O, The Oprah Magazine. It took about 18 months. This included many tight deadlines and overnight shipping.

1. “We kept saying this could be huge for us.”
2.  Start with a great product.
It took us years and years to go from making terrible potato chips to a great one. Show patience. This may not happen as quickly as you would like.
If you don’t have a great product. Look around your ancestry. Somebody in your family may have perfected a great cooking recipe, service or good.
3. Be persistent.
No matter what happens. Keep looking for ways to win.
4. Form great relationships. You will need to work with people who have different skills sets. Don’t stop looking for talent. You cannot do it alone.  A part of that is networking.  Find a leader within your related interest to offer their view point.
5.  Be intentional when you know you have an idea and it’s you that took the time to research to make sure you start from wherever you are and just “do it”.
6. Strategization.  Make sure that all the capital needed is not there. Once you’re walking in your purpose and what needed will follow.
7.  Stay positive….Attitude is everything.
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